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If you have access to ParentVUE please submit an application through there.
If you do not have access to ParentVUE to submit a bus request form, please select a reason why from the list below.
Please note, use of this form may delay processing of your application. Please use the automated form if you have access to ParentVUE.

Registering for PSD Transportation

Poudre School District aims to transport as many students as possible to and from school each year. This application is utilized to ensure that families needing transportation receive this service. Although PSD is still experiencing a bus operator shortage, we currently anticipate being able to honor all bus eligible transportation requests at the start of the school year.

Busing is not currently offered for students who attend a school of choice or PSD-authorized charter school. If your student is eligible for busing at their neighborhood school but is switching to a school of choice, they will not receive busing. Alternate bus requests will not be accepted for students in the walk area or for multiple addresses.

All students need to register for transportation even if they were assigned to transportation in the 2021-22 school year. Students that qualify for busing through IDEA, McKinney-Vento, or Foster DO NOT need to register.

We are excited to be opening two new schools in 2022, Wellington MS/HS and Timnath MS/HS. Please Note: If your student is in the attendance area for Wellington MS/HS or Timnath MS/HS please see the FAQs for information regarding bus eligibility.

Please note: Submitting a request is not a guarantee of services

Request Process and Timelines

Busing Questions?

ParentVUE Questions?

  • For more information on ParentVUE see the Parent portal on the District website
  • For additional assistance or questions regarding ParentVUE contact your students school.

Early Childhood?

Families of students in the early childhood program need to contact Early Childhood at Fullana by email or by phone at 970-490-3204 to request transportation.

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